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About Us

We help clients leverage their two greatest resources: their people and their data.

Company History

Founded in 2012 by Andrea Westmeyer, Measurement Mojo is an innovator in Commercial Performance Insights (CPI) and helping organizations maximize revenue impact. We are an independent third-party that brings all marketing and sales tactics into an integrated measurement framework.

We use data analytics to create confidence in our work. However, we look through a marketing and sales lens to shape our performance insights for immediate implementation and revenue impact.

Proven Business Improvements

Measurement Mojo brings a deeply experienced team to client engagements including strategists, data scientists, software engineers, and project managers. Often we hear comparisons to large analytic firms. We definitely have the depth and breadth of analytics skill, but we’re seasoned marketers first and apply a pragmatic sensibility to our work. We counsel our clients regarding performance achievement through better processes, measurement frameworks and clarifying KPIs to link impact top down. Our solutions grow market capitalization and connect dots between strategy, KPIs and tactical optimization. What we do is tangible, proven, and impactful.

We've measured more than


in media spend.

Clients typically recover


of our fees in one year.

Clients enjoy a


ROI in subsequent years.

Company Values

We’ve Got Mojo

We are a culture of trailblazers. With a focus on professional and personal growth for our clients and our people, we communicate internally and externally with unwavering candor, honesty and respect. Each day, we find ways to teach and coach in order to create new opportunities and strategic outcomes for our teams and yours.

Creating Something Better +

We’re passionate about performance and love tough problems and new challenges. We don’t cower in the face of hard work—because we believe there is always a better way. By holding ourselves accountable for outcomes, both good and bad, we prepare for any hurdle we may need to overcome. If the way forward is riding a rhino, we say “saddle up.”

Authentic Execution +

Clients trust us to build things that work, and that’s a responsibility we take seriously. It's about doing what's right, not just what’s expected or desired. We lead by the facts to identify solutions and authentically deliver exceptional client results. If our customers aren't raving about our people and our work, then we have not achieved our goal.

Innate Curiosity +

We seek adventure in new questions to answer; exploration is how we learn. We move forward, open new doors, discover, iterate and test to chart new paths of innovation. Our curiosity allows us to let go of conventional approaches to business and unveil the next wave of performance.

Sweet Simplicity +

The world of business, its constructs and the path to growth are complex, with no shortage of data and analytics. We unravel the statistics, mathematics and mystery of big data by explaining performance in simple truths. We bring the whole story together, changing the conversation from uncertainty to informed actions.


Meet Our Leaders

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Andrea Westmeyer

Andrea is Measurement Mojo’s founder and CEO. She is an entrepreneur at heart who enjoys the challenge of startups and having skin in the game. She values engaging with Mojo’s clients, bringing a laser-sharp focus on performance and results.

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Scott Clair, PhD

“Dr. Clair,” as we call him, has a one-two punch of degrees in statistics and psychology to go with a strong pragmatic filter. Scott is the driving force behind our data science strategy and KPI development. He doesn’t do analyses for the sake of simply doing analyses; he bridges data to defined business purposes.

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Andrea Westmeyer

Andrea is Measurement Mojo’s founder and CEO. She is an entrepreneur at heart who enjoys the challenge of startups and having skin in the game. She values engaging with Mojo’s clients, bringing a laser-sharp focus on performance and results.

Andrea’s early career was in advertising with a Young & Rubicam agency, where she was the “new kid” persistently asking her boss how he knew that advertising worked. From there, Andrea dove head-first into a technology startup that launched the first Windows-based, touchscreen musical instrument, securing product placement in Microsoft’s Home of the Future. She rolled it out nationally with 40+ retailers in less than a year while making a splash at NAMM.

Later, Andrea returned to service-side work and joined a direct-to-customer agency that was innovating the delivery of 1:1 customized content. She led the NYC office and quickly identified a compelling and innovative partnership with IMS Health (IQVIA) to combine insights from APLD data with direct-to-HCP customized promotion. When promoted to president, she also took an ownership position and continued to innovate with the development of a new measurement team. Clients started asking Andrea’s team to measure the work of other agencies. That’s when the idea for Mojo was born!

Marketing measurement and optimization could (and probably should) be independent of creative or media. The beauty of this approach is that it provides an opportunity to integrate measurement across all promotional channels to provide a single, unbiased view of marketing performance and, better yet, the ability to clearly articulate marketing’s contribution to sales. Measurement Mojo was born leveraging the rigor of data science through the lens of marketers.

Eight years later, Measurement Mojo is busy innovating and expanding its solutions beyond marketing teams to sales, analytics and procurement teams. The company is launching game-changing commercial metrics that provide the C-suite with clear insight into the effectiveness of their sales and marketing investment and a path to growing market capitalization.

Today, Andrea remains a dedicated philanthropist and volunteer with a heart for the arts, higher education and hunger advocacy. She has dedicated countless hours to leading numerous non-profit boards. Andrea is a professionally trained musician who fell in love with Sinatra in Vegas about a decade ago, which changed the course of her favorites on Sirius. Andrea adores her husband (most of the time) and two, heart-melting pups (all of the time).


Scott Clair

“Dr. Clair,” as we call him, has a one-two punch of degrees in statistics and psychology to go with a strong pragmatic filter. Scott is the driving force behind our data science strategy and KPI development. He doesn’t do analyses for the sake of simply doing analyses; he bridges data to defined business purposes. He is, in many cases, our equilibrium of intensity and composure.

While Scott is a heavy hitter in education and experience, he’s never intimidating. Clients frequently reach out to him with questions knowing he’ll explain the answer in easy-to-understand terms. He firmly believes his job is to make the complexities of data science relatable and always useful. This translation skill has served him well at Mojo, where it is leveraged by identifying key business questions from brand teams, providing analytical solutions on the back end to best answer the question and then providing specific actionable insights with clear next steps for our clients.

Scott has a heart for contributing data-driven insight to real societal challenges. While working at the Hispanic Health Council and the Yale Center for Interdisciplinary Research on AIDS, Scott worked with a  team of researchers focused on reducing the spread of HIV among inner city drug users. One of the most valuable aspects of this time was training current drug users as peer health advocates who were then able to help other drug users practice safe behaviors. Many of the peer health advocates talked about how having this positive identity was life affirming for them and led many to recovery. During this time, Scott’s mentor called him a ‘closet Anthroplogist’ with a clear appreciation for both qualitative and quantitative methods.

While at Iowa State University, Scott worked on a school and community based drug prevention project called PROSPER. In this role, one of Scott’s clear strengths was translating some of the complex analytical models into very specific concrete facts for parents, school staff, and administrators. For example, as a result of the effectiveness of this program it was possible to share specific numbers of how many fewer students in school started using meth. As a Dad, Scott found this work gratifying and compelling.

Scott has more than 50 peer-reviewed publications to his credit. He is an avid community volunteer and enjoys his kids’ athletic events. At a towering 6’4”, he is usually standing head and shoulders above the crowd wherever he goes.


Measurement Mojo worked closely with me to align both internal and external cross-functional partners and develop a scalable, data-driven solution that helps me measure my plans and invest more efficiently. I continue to be impressed by how MM’s collaborative, out-of-the-box approach breaks through the confines of traditionally accepted models.

Associate Director

Measurement Mojo is an extremely valued partner for third-party validation of complicated prescriber data and ensuring that our marketing strategies resonate with physicians. Measurement Mojo created a custom brand dashboard that provides vital insights into which tactical platforms and messages have the greatest impact in the marketplace. Their response-based analyses and recommendations are the centerpiece of our multi-channel strategies, decisions and investments.

Marketing Director

The Measurement Mojo team collaborates with agencies and other partners, bringing an understanding of both data and marketing to the brand program while providing key learnings from campaigns to better optimize our marketing programs going forward. They are smart, insightful, and committed to achieving optimal results – all the while being a delight to work with.

HCP Brand Management
Doctor Directory, a property of Everyday Health

Like many brands, we were looking to increase engagement and conversion for our marketing targets. Thanks to Measurement Mojo’s geo mapping, we now have a multichannel marketing strategy that targets specific “hot spots” with personalized content. We’ve seen a 30% increase in engagement and a 75% higher response rate to the overall mail channel due to personalization and testing.

Head of Sales & Marketing

We came to Measurement Mojo seeking a trusted expert to measure and optimize our brand’s marketing expenditures. From the beginning, I’ve been impressed with Mojo’s insights. Their measurements are rigorous, their recommendations are insightful, and the results of our partnership have been undeniable.

Marketing Director

Mojo’s team helped us identify more ideal targets that we had failed to call on in the past, and also prioritized our existing targets so that we could make better informed decisions about how to use our budget to maximize results. Thanks to Mojo, our brand wastes less money on what doesn’t work and is confident that every dollar we do spend will drive ROI.

Senior Director
Ferring Pharmaceuticals


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