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Measurement performance and aligned sales strategies

Sales is a highly complex, fast-moving environment. We operate in a world of more: more people, more rules, more processes, more competition, and more systems. The result is complexity for your customers and for sellers who need to create value for their HCPs and the company. Your leadership team is focused on optimizing the elements that drive goal achievement.

That includes maximizing sales revenue, managing the pipeline, strengthening the sales culture, and implementing new ways to boost productivity and unlock performance. Elements including sales enablement, advanced analytics, and customer experience have all taken center stage – saddling sales leaders with more priorities than ever before. If the sales organization is out of step with the higher-level strategy, revenue opportunities are compromised. With so much at stake and in focus, alignment is crucial for success.

Helping sales teams understand strategic impact

Our work with pharma brands of all sizes and therapeutic categories has helped sales representatives, strategic account managers, key account managers, and others to improve accuracy in measuring the impact of their sales and marketing strategies through customer experience metrics. In the quickly changing COVID-19 environment, we assist brands with reinventing the sales approach, strengthening relationships with marketing, and identifying new ways to improve your customer engagement approach.

  1. Commercial Performance ArchitectureSM
  2. Dynamic OptimizationSM
  3. IDEA Measurement BlueprintSM
  4. Customer Journey Analytics

Clients typically recover 100% of our fees within the first year of engagement and often in as little as six months. They also enjoy a 3:1+ ROI in subsequent years.


New ways to unlock sales performance

Sales teams understand that highly successful strategies are executed in synch with performance goals. However, many sales organizations lack a unified performance measurement framework that integrates marketing strategies and tactics. The result is a one-sided view of the commercial performance picture.

To develop a results-driven strategy that supports sales efforts and drives commercial value, strong alignment between your sales and marketing teams is critical. A survey of sales professionals found that sales and marketing alignment drove 36% better customer retention.*

The CPA is a robust engine which transforms and prioritizes sales and marketing information into decision insights and actions that ensure alignment between teams and their activities. Measurement Mojo experts ask the key business and operational questions to formulate a plan aligning goals that improve results.


Improve productivity and align your performance goals

Our work with clients establishes a sales and marketing performance framework to advance your omnichannel campaigns, creating a comprehensive picture of:

  • Team proficiencies and growth opportunities
  • Alignment of operational and financial goals
  • Prioritized data-informed decisions and focused actions
  • Hidden costs and financial impact models
  • A continuous improvement process to deepen customer engagement

Insights in Action: Sales/Marketing integration drives ongoing strategy

Measurement Mojo designed an integrated dashboard within a diabetes client’s Tableau environment to provide line of sight into sales (calls, speaker events, and sample distribution) and marketing (emails, patient experience programs, and targeted campaigns) activities. It also offered a rep level sales scaled by region or district-level view.

RESULTS: The custom dashboard presented performance data by territory (50+) and region (10+). Measurement Mojo empowered the sales team to draw important actionable conclusions including optimized allocation of local marketing dollars. The sales and marketing teams were better aligned with shared KPIs and had improved visibility into local market performance.


Reliable performance insights you can use

Do you fully understand how your data relates to your sales and marketing strategies? Even with  proven analytics models, insights are shaped through in-depth knowledge of sales and marketing strategies which leverage implementation. We can apply our experience across the industry to describe, predict and improve your sales success models and boost customer satisfaction.

Focus on the leading indicators of sales potential

Dynamic Optimization is a decision engine that interprets measurements and prioritizes actions including investment levels and financial impact. Both the sales and marketing teams need to focus on key actions related to conversion and the associated costs to achieve them. Optimization clarifies which key actions are the leading indicators of sales impact. Our solution provides insight into key behaviors, messaging, ideal engagement patterns and more.

Customized insights and key action summaries

Each client engagement is unique. Prototype reports are developed with client participation to ensure that sales insights and opportunities are actionable by your sales team. We also focus on role-based insights to provide each group and level of the organization the specific details they need to make critical decisions. Clear recommendations are mapped to past engagement and predictive outcomes to clarify sales potential. We can incorporate your existing CRM to distribute dashboards and insights. Implementations often include tools such as Tableau and interactive insight dashboards customizable by geography, team, sales rank—or nearly any other vital category you can imagine!

Insights in Action: Analyzing market share change cause and effects

Our client with a gastroenterology brand needed to better understand a recent 25% drop in their market share. Some field team members blamed the company’s change in their co-pay card program.

RESULTS: On deeper review, we found a change in the co-pay card affected co-pay redemption but had minimal effect on market share. Instead, the drop directly coincided with the company’s sales force realignment. This redirected the corrective actions to recover lost share of market.


Improved alignment drives goal achievement

You share high-level goals with your marketing colleagues: driving sales and improving revenues. Despite the commonality, misalignment on the details of reaching these goals is common. Studies show that just 8% of companies have strong alignment between their sales and marketing teams.* Any misalignment undermines your brand and marketing efforts. Companies with aligned sales and marketing teams are shown to grow their brands 36% faster, enable sales teams to achieve 38% higher win rates, and have 36% higher customer retention levels.

The recent pandemic accelerated shifts in customer engagement strategy, requiring more integration and fluidity between personal and non-personal engagement tactics. Mapping KPIs is a critical first step to evaluate and manage performance. The IDEA Measurement BlueprintSM includes five cascading levels of measurement designed to measure and prioritize key actions for the sales and marketing teams. Measurement levels include:

Descriptive – activity metrics such as sales calls completed or cost per click

Diagnostic – HCP and account KPIs assessing variations in engagement and related sales results

Predictive – evaluating trends and behaviors that are linked to buying

Prescriptive – recommendations to shift or optimize trends

Business Outcomes – revenue and expense change including ROI and sales lift

* Forrester Research

† SiriusDecisions 2018

‡ MarketingProf

A personalized strategy based on your specific needs

The Marketing Mojo approach for tailoring a cohesive and integrated performance plan to your needs is time tested and market proven. Mojo experts collaborate with your team to identify the shared objectives and foundational metrics that define your success. With a focus on driving positive customer outcomes, we help create solutions for the challenges marketing and sales face when working together.

A broader view of customer engagement

Are you aware of ALL of the promotional strategies your marketing team is implementing? When you view HCP relationships across sales and non-personal promotion efforts, hidden opportunities reveal themselves (for example, HCPs who have steadily engaged in promotional messaging, are not currently writing, but are now receptive to a sales rep contact). 


We help evaluate processes and data, close communications gaps and identify ways to effectively provide targets with reinforced messaging that encourages engagement and sales. Sharing insights, key messaging, and data across sales and marketing functions creates a whole that is greater than the sum of its parts.


Deeper customer journey insights

Giving your HCPs an engaging experience with your brand is more than sharing attractive sales aids; it requires an intuitive understanding of their needs and preferences. Leveraging Measurement Mojo’s customer journey insights, you possess a data-driven approach to discovering, analyzing, influencing and optimizing every touchpoint of your customers’ journey, regardless of how they engage.

IntelliScore® algorithm — a powerful predictive metric

We supplement your current data with IntelliScore®, our proprietary engagement algorithm, to deliver a predictive metric to further define actionable targets. This establishes the basis of business rules you can customize to address your customers’ multi-channel and sales experiences. IntelliScore® empowers us to leverage ALL of the data from your customers’ multi-channel experiences with variable frequency. That combination gives us unlimited power to help you make informed decisions about your customer journey mapping and achievable campaign options.

Budgeting Assistance

IntelliScore® identifies the potential within your HCP segments to better forecast your levels of sales and marketing investments. Each segment includes its own optimized investment level and corresponding ROI forecast. Doing this provides a tangible financial model showing how team members can collaborate better to benefit your customers and increase sales. Key benefits of this analysis include:

  • Identifying which sales team members are the best fit for specific customers
  • Understanding the financial impact of increasing or decreasing your investment
  • Insights into which channel(s) will optimize customer satisfaction and ROI

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