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Simplified Strategic Marketing to Amplify Your Brand

In marketing, change is inevitable. Public health epidemics, emerging technologies, disruptive business models, increased competition, and changing consumer behaviors are just some of the challenges organizations continue facing. Marketers today have more competing priorities than ever before, with daunting levels of complexity.

Your executive leadership wants to know the real value of marketing and how it’s contributing to brand revenue and ROI. You know how important brand reach and messaging is to the overall effectiveness of your campaigns, and that collaborating across multiple partners—agency partners, internal analytics, sales and multi-channel teams—is key. If everyone isn’t on the same page with performance metrics, the campaign performance is lackluster, and it won’t meet the KPIs.

Success Helping Marketers

There is a better way. At Mojo, we have worked with dozens of pharma companies of all sizes and therapeutic areas. We’re proud to have worked with some blockbuster brands and important brand launches.

  1. Outcomes Decision Framework
  2. Performance Insights
  3. Partner Alignment & Accountability
  4. Marketing & Sales Alignment
  5. Customer Journey Analytics

Clients typically recover 100% of our fees within the first year of engagement and enjoy up to a 3:1 ROI in subsequent years.

Outcomes Decision Framework +

Find the Answer to Campaign Revenue Contribution

Successful campaign performance requires starting with the end in mind. Too often, campaign measurement and performance are discussed after a campaign has been launched, placing you behind the eight-ball. Marketing strategies start with clear goals, followed by tracking of smart marketing metrics.

Goal setting and metric selection go hand in hand. If goals are your destination, metrics are the guideposts that indicate whether you’re on the right track. However, with a plethora of different metrics you can potentially track, it’s important to know which ones to pay attention to most and understand what they mean for your marketing.

Our Proven Framework

Our Outcomes Decision Framework has been proven across dozens of campaigns and well over $200 million dollars in media spend, providing clients with confidence in articulating how MCM moved the needle for their brands. The framework is foundational to creating insight-driven decisions.

One component to having confidence in your performance measurement is careful consideration for the marketing model. There are three primary types: Marketing Mix Analysis, Attribution Modeling and Test Control Design. Each provide different benefits, and they can be used hand-in-glove to complement one another.

Insights in Action: How Measurement Saved the Day

The measurement plan developed for a client included numerous tactics, but it was the website key actions that caught the glitch. The web agency had not tagged these key events, so our primary KPIs were not measurable. Fortunately, this potential data catastrophe was caught in month two of the campaign as we developed the Executive Summary, rather than at the end when a marketing mix analysis or another form of ROI was being conducted.

Performance Insights +

Clearly Articulate the Value of Marketing

Your leadership team needs to understand the story your data is conveying in terms of value and investment impact. We use proven analytics models, but also deliver this value story by combining marketing strategy and tactical knowledge. It’s the insight you can’t produce with AI because there are too many market nuances only human intelligence can correlate. We integrate data across every marketing channel into a comprehensive Executive Summary, delivering clear recommendations you can trust to engage customers, forecast outcomes and generate revenue.

Insights in Action: Effective Analytics

While analyzing a client’s $4 million paid search campaign, we found one of the search partners was significantly underperforming, compared to others. Removing this partner resulted in a 3%reduction in key site actions and a 23%, or $920,000, savings.

Partner Alignment & Accountability +

Partners in Agreement Enhance Results

Measurement across your partner and agency ecosystem can be difficult to trust when trying to understand the impact of your sales and marketing activity. As the customer journey evolves, so does the need to measure holistically. We bring a consistent focus, shared context, and integrated process to gather the right people and form your marketing dream team.

Create Accountability to Drive Outcomes

Have you received data gathered by an agency partner or contracted company that failed to provide enough detail to inform a performance insight? We know data specifications require time and attention to gather the appropriate information; that’s why we consult on risk share programs, tactic-level KPIs, data specs and frequency and more to ensure we define, align and track metrics that clarify accountability and measure outcomes.

Consolidated Reporting

Stop trying to consolidate reports from your partner agencies or companies with specialized tactics. Instead, let us centralize these insights into a holistic picture for ongoing optimization. No more swivel chair review of multiple agency and vendor reports!

Insights in Action: Extensive Client Savings

During a multi-year risk share contract with a vendor, our client received a campaign invoice that was 4x higher than expected. We reviewed the analysis that formed the basis for the invoice and discovered the vendor’s calculations did not take into account seasonality; this resulted in a falsely inflated estimate of the campaign’s sales lift. Upon revising the analysis, we identified $1.2 million in cost avoidance and a 97% invoice reduction.

Marketing & Sales Alignment +

Unlock Your Company’s Revenue Engine Through Team Alignment

You have the same goal as your sales colleagues: drive sales and revenue. However, misalignment on reaching these goals is not uncommon. In fact, only 8% of companies have strong alignment between their sales and marketing teams.* Not only is this misalignment a challenge, it also undermines your brand and marketing efforts. Companies in which sales and marketing are aligned grow their brands 36% faster, enable sales teams to achieve 38% higher win rates and have 36% higher customer retention levels.


It’s time to optimize marketing’s stamp on business. Articulate your department’s role in contributing to business performance through stronger cross-functional alignment, enhance revenue contribution to your brands and create greater commercial value for your company. Aligning sales and marketing is crucial in today’s environment. Let us help you get in sync.


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A Personalized Approach

Using a proven approach for tailoring a cohesive and integrated performance plan, our experts will collaborate with your team to identify shared objectives and foundational metrics to govern success. Our focus is centering efforts on driving positive customer outcomes to alleviate some of the challenges marketing and sales may face when working together.

Insights in Action: Identifying Realignment Changes

Our client was interested in learning more about the cause of the recent 25% drop in market share. Some members of the field team suggested that it was due to the company’s change in their copay card program. After analyzing the data, we found the change in the copay card had an effect on copay card redemption but minimal effect on market share. The drop in market share directly coincided with the company’s sales force realignment.

Customer Journey Analytics +

Get Insight into Your Customers’ Journeys

Ensuring an engaging and positive customer experience entails more than conveying brand positioning; it is about creating an intuitive experience. With our customer journey insights, you can illuminate a data-driven approach to discovering, analyzing, influencing and optimizing every touchpoint of your customers’ journey, whether they’re healthcare providers or consumers, regardless of how they engage.

Predictive Metrics Inform Investment Decisions

Determining the prioritization and investment in prospects can be a challenge. Tracking how—and how often—your customers engage begins with building a profile. With IntelliScore®, our proprietary engagement algorithm, you’ll have predictive metrics to determine the frequency, channel and budget to best achieve your campaign goals. We collaborate with media agencies and share these insights to co-design a media plan suited to your brand and marketplace.

Insights in Action: Developing a Brand Acceleration Program

When our client was provided an additional 30% in budget to maximize revenue of a product facing future generic competition, we redirected approximately 45% of the budget on breakeven or higher ROI target segments and channels. This forecasted a 50% increase in net revenue, compared to the brand’s original plan, which would have produced a negative ROI.

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