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Commercial Performance ArchitectureSM

Unleashing Marketing and Sales Productivity and Performance


At the highest level, companies focus on two primary achievements: financial performance based on efficiency and productivity, and growing overall company market value. While we all agree on the end game, the actual path to getting there is often not as clear.

The challenge all companies face

The health of the commercial ecosystem is fundamental to the achievement of strong financial performance and growing market value. The ability to accurately measure marketing and sales productivity and performance is frequently a challenge. We often have KPIs which fail to serve as accurate leading indicators, an inability to assess resources, and lack the actionable business insights that lead to financial success. This flaw is often embedded in our existing systems. We just accept them and their negative impact to our potential revenue and expense as a part of doing business.

A complete solution

The Commercial Performance ArchitectureSM (CPA) addresses these challenges with an integrated suite of solutions designed to dramatically enhance your sales and marketing performance.

The CPA phased implementation drives improved Marketing and Sales productivity by:

  • Identifying performance barriers and opportunities across people, process, technology and information
  • Creating an integrated measurement framework linking operational and financial KPIs
  • Developing a data-informed decision-engine to prioritize actions and investment
  • Clarifying sales and marketing leading indicators to better predict financial impact
  • Implementing a performance tuning process for continuous improvement.

Commercial Performance ArchitectureSM (CPA)

Four Phase Implementation

Discover & diagnose

Productivity benchmarks

Stakeholder orientation

Proficiency DiagnosticSM

KPI & reporting inventory

Lookback analyses

Align & Adopt

Working team kick-off

KPI alignment work sessions

IDEA Measurement BlueprintSM

Reporting prototype(s)

Change management needs

3-6 Months

Implement & Optimize

Solution integration

Dynamic OptimizationSM

Annual recommendations

Stakeholder feedback loop

Financial contribution report

Test & Learn

Performance TuningSM

Validation of leading indicators

Engagement review

Clarify key customer actions

6-36 Months Post Kick Off

Key elements of the CPA Architecture

The Performance DiagnosticSM focuses on the areas that drive or inhibit marketing and sales optimization: People, Process, Information and Technology. Using a customizable 360 assessment, qualitative and quantitative insights are captured to identify the potential gaps and inefficiencies impacting commercial performance.

IDEA Measurement BlueprintSM is a framework that aligns operational and financial metrics to inform commercial decision-making. Five levels of measurement are designed to support role-based information and reporting needs within the organization.


Dynamic OptimizationSM is a decision-engine that interprets measurement and prioritizes actions including investment levels and financial impact. Many types of analytic methodologies, AI, decision science and subject matter expertise contribute to the recommendations that are generated. There are two levels of the IDEA Measurement Blueprint that most heavily depend on Dynamic Optimization: Diagnostic and Prescriptive.

Performance TuningSM integrates test and learn methodology to ensure continuous marketing and sales performance improvement with an experiential process of identification of sales and marketing best practices.

The connection between KPI and the Commercial Ratio

The Commercial Ratio is a high-level measure of the efficiency and productivity of the sales and marketing ecosystem. The Ratio is important as a metric for investors who are assessing the return on sales and marketing. Investors are interested in productivity, effectiveness, efficiency, costs and profit. The Commercial Ratio enables investors to compare commercial productivity across companies.

It can be included as a primary KPI to assess Business Outcomes in the IDEA Measurement Blueprint. Sales and marketing are both focused on driving revenue growth and the Commercial Ratio provides a single metric to measure how well the commercial system is performing.

Revenue Growth

Sales & Marketing Expense


Commercial Ratio

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