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Transform Data Science Into Streamlined Customer & Business Outcomes

Integrating data literacy into an organization can be intimidating, and the business value of data and analytics is often misunderstood. However, when executives fully understand the strategic value of their data, they will be more willing to trust decisions that are made based on these details. This is especially true in marketing and sales, where customer relationships are supported by analytics colleagues.

Creating a common understanding of the value that data and analytics bring to your organization is crucial so you can focus on prioritizing business and customer outcomes.

How We Advance Decision-Making for Analytics

The way we think about data and performance insights is unique. Our data and decision scientists understand, interpret and analyze data with a keen focus on quality, statistical rigor and measurement perfection. We make your business challenges our priority, using algorithms and statistics to find data patterns and causal relationships. More importantly, we look at your data to find insights that relate to the decisions at hand and advance your business.

  1. Outcomes Decision Framework
  2. Performance Insights
  3. Data and Marketing Maturity

Clients typically recover 100% of our fees within the first year of engagement and enjoy up to a 3:1 ROI in subsequent years.

Outcomes Decision Framework +-

Tell an Actionable Story with Your Data

Agency partners produce standardized activity reporting, but brand leadership is looking for the overarching story that’s found at the intersection of targeting, engagement and tactic-level costs. In addition to helping coordinate agency partners, brands and marketing departments, we help your team develop performance insights across all personal and non-personal activities. We facilitate integration of all promotional activities, drawing upon your internal and partner data to provide executive summaries that detail optimization opportunities for immediate action. If your internal data warehouse is not yet complete, we can hold data and QC for use in analyses until you are ready to import.

Gather and Analyze Your Marketing Details

Your team is critical in understanding the impact of a multi-channel marketing investment. You must develop marketing mix analyses and predictive models to keep the brand teams well-informed, but creating tactical measurement plans, coordinating data reviews with multiple agency partners and producing performance insights is time consuming. With expertise in media, marketing strategy and data science, our experts know how to develop a tailored approach to drive your campaigns forward and optimize your budget.

Close the Sales Gap

If your sales team is rethinking its personal detailing plan, let us help. We are experienced in developing extensive measurement strategies across matrixed sales organizations while keeping in mind the points of collaboration with multi-channel marketing. We’ll help you implement a cohesive approach to improve company-wide success.

Insights in Action: Optimization Analyses

One of our clients, an analytics team director, asked that we provide a series of optimization analyses to complement the marketing mix model his team had recently completed. We were able to highlight ways for the brand team to better focus their investment within each of the channels using current engagement data containing significant shifts due to COVID-19.

The agency was investing 45% of the brand’s HCP budget on display advertising. There were wide variances in the productivity of each display vendor, so we recommended narrowing to those generating the most key site actions. Additionally, we recommended a shift of X% of the budget to third party emails, which allowed physician-level tracking and ensured appropriate frequency with key targets to impact behavior change.

Performance Insights +-

Access Actionable Data

Imagine having a partner that manages campaign insights while you focus time and energy on segmentation and marketing mix analyses. With Mojo, that’s exactly what you get. Our data scientists and strategists extract actionable details to deliver high quality analytics from multiple sources. This means you get relevant insights that allow for agile decision making with flexibility to adapt to market or strategic changes.

Tell the Story of Your Data

Many brands are looking for the story that connects their data and insights. We help connect the dots by implementing our analytic methodologies and combining our expertise in data science, marketing strategies and tactic deployment. It’s challenging to find a single person or AI solution that possesses all of these skills, but we’ll bring together the right team that can develop strategies to engage customers, meet their needs and generate revenue. Then, we provide data visualizations that make it simple to truly understand your insights and the ways they’ll benefit your business.

Consolidate Your Information

After gathering your data, we put these insights into a comprehensive executive summary. This includes information about the performance of all of your channels, as well as specific details that are aligned with your strategic goals. We pinpoint the most important data so you have clear choices that are mapped to predictive outcomes in a summary that’s as unique as your business.

Insights in Action: Implementing Impact

A client needed help assessing the connection between participating in their patient CRM campaign and starting on therapy. We identified the internal stakeholders and created a process to share information to track patient starts, in a HIPAA-compliant manner. Our analysis identified not only the impact of the CRM campaign, but also one lead source who was over 100x more effective in generating leads more likely to submit a start form. The brand team reviewed their business rules to clarify an underperforming source and when to swap them out for another vendor.

Data and Marketing Maturity +-

Make the Most of Your Data

Using your data as a competitive advantage can be challenging, especially in a world of growing distractions and business priorities. Creating a roadmap of where you are today and the ways you can move forward is critical for your people, analytical capabilities and technology. Give your organization a vision for the future with an experienced coach who can help build competency within your team. We take a flexible approach that helps your internal analytics and marketing teams train employees and fill gaps in processes and technology for optimal effectiveness.

Insights Reporting Architecture

All too often, data models are developed on the backend without fully considering the business questions being asked on the front end. By then, it’s too late. As an extension of your internal teams, we’ll help identify inputs and outputs to inform your data specifications and build an underlying infrastructure that supports insight-rich organizations. When you’re ready to do this on your own, we’ll train you on our Insights Reporting Architecture so members of your analytics team know how to effectively analyze marketing and sales data.

Analytics and Marketing Data Coaching

Whether you want to learn our entire process and framework or would rather focus on specific deliverables related to your business, our coaching program offers valuable insight. We generate actionable recommendations while your campaigns are in market, so you get information you can use right away. For optimal alignment, members of both analytics and marketing teams will take part in this coaching so both departments understand how their information works together. Analytics specialists, in particular, will also benefit from training on creating standardized media activity reporting and building out data specifications for all agency partners.

With this foundation, your team can be most valuable in laddering up standardized reporting to rich performance insights, developing deeper partnership with your brand and marketing teams.

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