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Can you easily name the three most significant things you learned from your marketing campaign last year?



There’s a lot to learn from past marketing performance to ensure future investments are more impactful. Last year is no exception. In fact, the shift in engagement trends between personal selling and digital tactics continues. Can you name the three big marketing ah-has from last year? Did a specific segment have an unusually high amount of churn? Did targeted tactics reach them consistently? How do you course correct most quickly? Marketing mix analyses don’t scratch the service of answering these questions.  

A look-back analysis provides a comprehensive evaluation of channel and tactic performance and the shifts that occurred. We can provide insights into optimal spend across channels and allocation of budget going forward. At Measurement Mojo, we’re dedicated to delivering insights for identifying ideal targets and providing guidance for investment tiering by segment as well as frequency of contact by tactics. We use data science to answer important questions, but above all we are marketers—and that’s the lens we use to identify the most impactful insights and recommendations. We know how to utilize the tools that will help set you up for success.

Interested in learning more? Download our Lookback Analysis Case Study. You can also explore our blog to learn more about performance measurement solutions.

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