Measurement in brand planning - 3 quick tips

Marketers often think that measurement happens at the end of a campaign or promotional event. But in order to achieve maximum impact on campaign performance, it’s extremely important to define the measurement structure before a single tactic hits the market. Here are three ways to implement better measurement:

Key Performance Metrics

Defining Key Performance Metrics (KPMs) during tactical development allows you to set clear benchmarks and performance standards with your agency. Later, while your campaign is in market, performance is compared against KPMs. If a particular tactic isn’t performing to your expectations, you can promptly evaluate and explore options for improving the campaign’s next wave. 


In addition to KPMs, you should also define a control group for each tactic you are putting into market. The only way to truly assess sales lift at the tactic level is by creating this test/control structure upfront. While it may be virtually impossible to control for mass media tactics, it’s realistic to define a control for nearly everything else so there’s a naïve group of targets whom have not been receiving your promotional content.

Learning Objectives

Another consideration is the definition of learning objectives for each campaign you launch. Perhaps you’d like to know which channel mix produces the highest level of engagement and ROI; this type of insight is achievable, but requires a more specific control group in order to evaluate the comparison of channels, including different channel combinations. This approach can even be applied to the segment level if the target size is large enough.

There are additional year-over-year insights you might want to measure, such as the comparison of messaging pathways. We’ve had clients use personalized case studies as opposed to specific safety or efficacy messaging, and in the process we’ve learned that personalized case studies increased engagement three times more than product-specific messaging.

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