The Challenges and Benefits of Integrating Marketing Data

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Marketing is most effective when you are able to measure and take specific steps to optimize your activity. This helps you get the most for your marketing budget, reducing waste and inefficiency and helping you develop effective big-picture marketing strategies. Ideally, this leads to added accountability and ultimately increased revenue.

Obstacles to Data Integration 

Pulling data from different sources into one view—a practice known as data integration—can be challenging. In siloed organizations especially, it can be a struggle to collect data from different departments in order to analyze and use it most effectively. Many brands sink significant resources—both time and money—into data warehouses, data lakes, and other storage repositories that can hold large amounts of data in one place. Setting up a new data storage system isn’t a prerequisite for measuring and optimizing your activity in an integrated fashion, though. These systems can take months or even years to set up and fully integrate. In today’s competitive landscape, you can’t afford not to take steps to optimize your brand’s marketing and sales performance before or without setting up a whole new, fully-integrated data repository. 

Strategic marketing partners  who specialize in analysis and integration of disparate data can allow you to gain a holistic view of your marketing operations and determine what’s working, what’s falling short, and what’s sabotaging your goals. Regularly pulling together data from sales, medical claims, call plans, engagement, web activity (from Webtrends or Google Analytics), paid search, display advertising, and more into an integrated visual dashboard can provide insights and allow you to tailor your strategies to achieve better results.

One Step at a Time

A successful data model repository should be flexible enough to provide your brand with insight and assistance no matter its current state of integration. Mojo can provide centralized analysis and insights for your current campaigns and deliver that data back for you to load into your internal data repository, or we can hold that data until you’re ready to populate your data lake. Not having a fully-operational and integrated data system doesn’t have to be a roadblock to optimizing your marketing ROI.

If you’re in the process of building a completely integrated data storage lake, a strategic partner that understands the strengths and weaknesses of your current operations and marketing initiatives can help. Mojo’s marketing and measurement experts can work with your data lake vendor to help design a holistic system that most effectively collects, analyzes, and transforms data into action. 

Integrated Measurement and Strategic Solutions

Measurement Mojo’s team can help you collect, integrate, and analyze numerous data streams to improve your results. Our experienced team will use our decades of expertise to ask savvy questions and uncover the most effective optimization strategies. Contact us today to discuss how we can help your brand grow and thrive.

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